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garrett young

colorado mountains to the california coast

i grew up on a 200-acre ranch in colorado, working for my dad as a ranch hand most of my childhood. i was and still am an avid skier, starting as a toddler. this led to competing in the junior olympics and training for the olympic freestyle team. at age 9 i decided to pick up a guitar. immediately hooked, i started my first band at age 12 and played 155 live shows by the time i was 17.

i left home at 17 to move to california and pursue my love for music and my love for the ocean. i've gotten to record, work with amazing people, play in local bands, and immerse myself in california's music and surf cultures. my surfing ventures started when i was 11 on the east coast, and have taken me to incredible places and helped me meet even more incredible people. these passions have become the inspiration for the other.

now 23, i've learned a lot about myself, my music, and my aspirations. music and surfing have effectively become my addictions, and a long lived interest in audio and recording has led me to begin studies at berklee's online college of music. thanks for checking out the site, and i hope you dig the tunes. check back often for new content.

brooks ave sessions

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brooks ave sessions